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Shimmering silver in the bel étageThe grand royal silverof Baden

In Paris, Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot created decorated terrines, various plates with and without covers, sauce boats, and salt cellars decorated with cherubs. Each piece was confidently emblazoned with the grand coat of arms of Baden, a crown flanked by a lion and griffin.

Salt cellar, by Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot, Paris, 1823, royal silver in Mannheim Palace

The royal silver: a 130-piece set.

Additions at a later time

The royal silver was expanded by several pieces between 1828 and 1835 under Grand Duke Ludwig, who ruled from 1818 to 1830, and his successor Leopold. In their silver workshops at Karlsruhe, they had candlesticks, vases, and flatware created as essential additions to the 130-piece set.

Valuable pieces returned in the 21st century

On the occasion of the recreation of the staterooms in the bel étage, the loveliest pieces of the grand royal silver of Baden were repurchased for Mannheim Palace in 2004. Today, they are presented in the former first antechamber of the imperial apartment on a well-laid table, where the grand dukes dined during the reign of the House of Baden.

The first antechamber in Mannheim Palace

A well-laid table in the antechamber shows the loveliest pieces.

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