Terra-cotta bust of Grand Duke Karl von Baden by Joseph Anton Maria Christen, 1819

Royal giftsThe age of thegrand dukes

Grand Duchess Stéphanie and Grand Duke Carl von Baden modernized Mannheim Palace in the Empire style beginning in 1811. Some lovely furnishings from this period can be admired in the permanent exhibition, "Art and Culture at the Court of Mannheim."

Magnificent armchair with initials, circa 1856, now in the "Art and Culture at the Court of Mannheim" exhibition

A truly special wedding gift.

Homage and royal veneration

The permanent exhibition also displays gifts from the Grand Duke Friedrich I and his wife Luise. On the occasion of their wedding in 1856, they received presents from the citizens of Mannheim. Examples displayed here include two seats with the monogram "F" and "L," a washstand, an easel with album boxes, and two statues: Stephanie von Baden and Friedrich I, created in 1907 and 1908.

Electress Elisabeth Auguste's magnificent flatware, 1747, now in the "Art and Culture at the Court of Mannheim" exhibition

Elisabeth Auguste's magnificent flatware.

Precious exhibits from the 18th and 19th centuries

In 2012, some unique exhibits were acquired: precious cutlery that belonged to Electress Elisabeth Auguste in 1747, a richly decorated seal box that belonged to her husband, Carl Theodor, two figurines from the Frankenthal porcelain factory, and a portrait bust of Grand Duke Karl von Baden. The magnificent cutlery set with tiny stones was likely a gift of homage to the royal couple from the smiths of Solingen. The porcelain "sleigh ride" figurine, made between 1762 and 1763, was likely created exclusively for the royal couple and was used to decorate a dessert table.

Porcelain "sleigh ride" figurine by Johann Friedrich Lück, 1762/1763

Seal box with Carl Theodor's initials

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