One of the largest historic residences in Europe

Mannheim Baroque Palace

Untouched jewels

The Library

and Garden Cabinet

Electress Elisabeth Augusta's Library and Garden Cabinet escaped the destruction of the Second World War largely unscathed. You can still see the lavishly ornate walls and the book shelves concealed behind latticed doors.

Mannheim Baroque Palace, the Library Cabinet; photo: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg, copyright unknown

The cabinet has been maintained as it was originally.

High point of the Rococo

The small cabinet is located on the ground floor of the Main Building. As the only one of more than 500 palace rooms, this small cabinet has been preserved in its original state. Lorraine master builder Nicolas de Pigage commissioned this enchanting private cabinet to be made between 1755 and 1757. Despite its excessive opulence, the room appears very harmonious and balanced.

Mannheim Baroque Palace, stucco in the Library Cabinet; photo: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg, Andrea Rachele

Muscular figure typical of the Rococo.

Charming complete work of art

Carved and colourfully composed wood panels adorn the walls. The book shelves were concealed behind latticed doors. Court sculptors Augustin Egell and Johann Matthäus van den Branden created the wood carvings. The workshop of Giuseppe Antonio Albuccio was responsible for the delightful ceiling stucco. Cabinet carpenter Frank Zeller covered the floor with beautifully designed parquet.

A place of retreat for the Electress

Muses and allegorical pictures lend this room a bright, sensual atmosphere. The aromatic paintings in pink and light green were executed by Philipp Hieronymus Brinkmann, Director of the Painting Cabinet. This graceful room held special significance for Electress Elisabeth Augusta: she had her own library here where she could retreat with her confidantes.

An atmospheric room with loving details: these are some of the paintings on the ceiling and walls.

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